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Personalised A5 Unicorn Worry Journal/Notebook

These personalised A5 Worry notebooks are the perfect tool for children and teens with anxiety, suffering from bullying or just to write down any new daily worries they maybe experiencing as they grow and learn how to live in the world around them.

Blank lined pages are the perfect place to write down all those worries that may stress them out or keep them awake at night.

The spiral binding means the pages wont be lost, unless you or the child chooses to take them out which can be a great way to clear the mind and get rid of worries as well as initiating conversation between parents and children. The easy tear sheets mean they can be removed quickly and easily without ruining the look of your notebook.

Design features a white unicorn with black hooves and nose, rainbow colour hair and wings standing with a worry poem explaining what the book is for as well as any name.

A5 notebook features:

- Wipeable printed cover.
- Approx 21cm long x 14cm wide.
- Design to front cover.
- Lined, easy to remove pages

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