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Bespoke Superhero Frame - Personalised Handcrafted Minifigure Display

Give the ultimate present and a bespoke keepsake with our ‘Heroic Memories - Personalised Superhero Picture Frame’. This handcrafted gem is the perfect gift for superhero aficionados, complete with legendary minifigures. Tailor it to your liking and watch it become a centrepiece that’s treasured indefinitely.”

Key Features:

  • Colour Choice: Choose a black or white premium box frame (25x25cm) to complement your décor.
  • Name Customisation: Decide between Scrabble tiles or a printed name to top your frame.
  • Background Style: Pick a classic white or a vivid superhero comic border.
  • Minifigure Adjectives: Customise the adjectives for each minifigure or opt for our standard selection.
  • Minifigures: As shown, each character brings a slice of the superhero realm into your abode.
  • Personalised Wording: Add a bespoke message or date to make it uniquely yours.
  • Font & Colour: Default to the style displayed in the first image or specify your preference.

“Whether it’s ‘Daddy’ spelt out in Scrabble letters or a name of your choosing, this frame is crafted to delight. Secure your Heroic Memories Personalised Superhero Frame now and hold onto those super moments forever!”

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